Hello there, all the lovers of speed and racing. You have got new add on to your passion as Anki drive has launched its new improved, updated, advanced second generation ANKI OVERDRIVE. It contains new race track, all new apps, new game play mechanics and a new package of exciting toy vehicles. When Apple came with a surprise for all of us in the form of launching Anki drive, my experience kept on elevating till I got this new version Anki overdrive and felt overjoyed ever since I tried it. Though I had this nostalgia of retiring my old mate, but the more advanced it is, the better the experience is.

Below is the list of contemporary, space-aged illustrations of what robotics and artificial intelligence has brought into the world of toys and video game:

Anki Starter Kit

Anki Starter Kit Review Categories

It will be priced at $149.99 or $99.99 in the US. It includes two cars, 10x separate track pieces (6- 90 degree curved pieces and 4- straight pieces), 2 risers, a 4 car charger and a tire cleaning kit.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car 

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Car Review Categories

Every starter kit includes Skull Ground shock, robotic supercars with weapon systems and technology to think for themselves on the battlefield.

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Track

Anki OVERDRIVE Expansion Track Review Categories

Instead of old Anki’s vinyl simple roll out track, the new overdrive version has been elevated to modular track system, one built by connecting different shaped pieces. Thus, different designs can be accommodated from same basic pieces. The pieces also lock together magnetically and are significantly simple to manipulate.

Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories

Anki OVERDRIVE Accessories Review Categories

Anki overdrive steps up with 25 new advanced commanders and the cars themselves have been illustrated. Few of them are Skull, Ground shock, Thermo, Nuke, Guardian and Big Bang.

What happens to be the most delightful news is that now Anki can have cross device play. That entails the luxury of playing it on both Android and iOS devices. Earlier, only iOS could play with iOS devices (and similar with Android) because Android lacked Bluetooth LE capability for phone to phone communications.

Finally, all the thrill lovers can share the experience of real races and adrenaline with Anki overdrive in all its magnificence.